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Mysore Austin | Ashtanga Yoga

Please contact the school for info, new address and registration instructions.

Andrew Bresnen SYC Authorized II

Mysore Austin | Ashtanga Yoga


Ashtanga Yoga at Mysore Austin

Mysore Austin offers traditional Ashtanga Mysore and led classes daily for students of all levels. 

Mysore Austin provides instruction of the postures, vinyasas (movements) and breathing method of ashtanga yoga as taught by Sharath Jois in Mysore, India at the Sharath Yoga Centre.

As a student of Sharath Jois, instructor Andrew Bresnen strives to continue the traditional practice of sharing these methods, from teacher to student.

The foundation of our practice is the Mysore method. In Mysore classes, students receive individualized instruction to learn the Ashtanga sequence of postures step by step, advancing as they gain proficiency.


Ashtanga Yoga Classes

Mysore Ashtanga Austin


No classes on full or new moon days.

Email for instructions to register. 

Mysore - Mysore is the method through which ashtanga is taught. There are no prerequisites (i.e. no experience required). 

Led Primary - Guided, full primary series.

* Please contact the school before coming. New local students are required to sign up as members and to make a commitment to attend 3 classes a week minimum. All students must be registered prior to practicing.

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Andrew Bresnen, PhD

Once a research medical physicist, Andrew found his true calling in the practice of Ashtanga yoga. Andrew began practicing yoga in San Antonio at Yoga Shala with his first teacher Ana Hollis.


In 2014 Andrew first travelled to India to study with his teacher Sharath Jois at KPJAYI (now SYC) in Mysore. During the year and half in India Andrew practiced at KPJAYI for two seasons and he received Level II Authorization and Sharath Jois's blessing to teach Ashtanga. Andrew returns annually to practice and assist in the shala in Mysore.

Andrew has taught students ranging from high school students to Tibetan monks at Sera monastery in India, where he lived teaching math and physics and practicing yoga.

Andrew's daily personal practice focuses on the asana (postures) and study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Andrew believes in the transformative effects of practice and is able to inspire and encourage students in their work on the mat.




Déjà Bernhardt

Déjà grew up in the Transcendental Meditation Movement where she was initiated into a meditation and asana practice at just five-years-old. After living internationally she returned to that community to attend Maharishi University where she received her BFA in Film and an education steeped in Vedic knowledge. Déjà also holds an MFA from University of Texas-Austin in Film Directing and has several films in different stages of development. She first found Ashtanga Yoga in her family’s village in Bali and now practices at her home shala, Mysore Austin — where she apprentices under her teacher Andrew Bresnen. In 2018 Déjà traveled to Mysore, India to practice at the source with Paramaguru Sharath Jois. Déjà loves to share this practice with others and witness how Ashtanga empowers practitioners in their own daily sadhana. 


Ellie Ray

Ellie came to Ashtanga yoga in 2014 shortly after finishing her degree in Interior Architecture at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. After spending significant time with her first teacher PJ Heffernan, she traveled to India to deepen her practice and study with Sharath Jois in Mysore. Today she practices and teaches at Mysore Austin with Andrew Bresnen and will be taking returning trips to India. 


For Ellie this devotional path has opened the doors to other spiritual and wellness modalities including Ayurveda and Metaphysical healing. Along with asanas, her practice consists of mantras, meditation, philosophy, and exploring the movement of energy. 

Ellie is honored to support others on their path and share Ashtanga yoga with the community in Austin. She is dedicated to protecting the potency of this powerful and transformative practice.


Mysore Austin

Memberships and Pricing

Registration Process
  1. Contact the shala to setup a visit (or phone call).
  2. Review the Shala Etiquette.
  3. Register online for the agreed start date. Paid registrations for agreed start date are non-refundable. Please read the terms and conditions at purchase.
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